About Us

Welcome to Handy Helper Home Watch

We are a family-owned business founded by Marin Mitrache. With the help of our daughter, Andreea Mitrache, we are dedicated to providing you with services that extend way beyond home watch. We can manage all aspects of your home, from providing basic repairs and handyman services, meeting with vendors, overseeing ongoing projects, and assisting with leasing your property.

We take pride in going above and beyond for our client’s homes to properly maintain their property because we believe in treating your property with the utmost respect, care, and security. Your home is your sanctuary, and we are determined to help you maintain it.

Aside from visiting the home to evaluate its condition and conducting maintenance, there inevitably are tasks to be scheduled, conversations to be followed up on with both homeowners and vendors, and documentation needed of the ongoing events at home.

Our mission and the key to our success is the familial culture committed to the highest standard in quality, professionalism, and integrity so you can have peace of mind that allows you to be in two places at once without concern.

Marin “Mario” Mitrache

Owner of Handy Helper Home Watch, LLC and Home Service professional

Mario’s work background started 30 years ago as an electrician by trade. For the past 20 years, he has worked in construction up in the Detroit-metro area in Michigan, doing everything from tile and flooring installation to home additions and basement finishing. Mario was building a family cabin in Port Huron, MI, when he wasn’t working.

Now officially a full-time Floridian, Mario uses his electric and construction skills to help protect people’s homes. Mario’s vast construction experience gave him a keen sense of detail and thoroughness and an appreciation for customer service and quality feedback.

He is married to his wife of 28 years, Gabby, they have one daughter, Andreea, and their bird, an Umbrella Cockatoo, named Angel. Together, they run the business, ensuring that someone will answer your call and help take care of your home.

Rely on us to oversee, maintain, and manage your home while you’re away.