Our Approach

Regular home watch visits help guard against things from getting out of hand. Our approach is clear and concise. While we check every room, the dangers are in the water-zone areas. Leaks, mold susceptibility, and insect infestations are the top enemies of your home. Home watch can mean the difference between light damage and devastation.

Our comprehensive checklist, detailed visual inspection, and report system keeps you updated on potential issues. We scan and check areas for potential problems that could lead to severe damage. We will also include photos of any areas of concern. We partner with you to ensure that communication is a top priority. We provide you with timed-stamped photos, so you have a thorough record of the condition of the water-zone areas.

We also offer concierge services. We can meet with your service providers or contractors. You need trusted, reliable people you can depend on. We appreciate our customers by striving for the best in customer service and reliability and honoring your privacy.


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